Buty Tamaris


Wyróżniają nas: atrakcyjne ceny, darmowa wysyłka, starannie skomponowany asortyment, a także wysoka jakość obsługi, za sprawą której w pełni terminowo realizujemy wszystkie zamówienia. X-BUT.pl to sklep internetowy z butami, który doceniło już wielu zadowolonych Klientów.

W naszym szerokim katalogu znajduje się markowe obuwie damskie oraz męskie. Posiadamy m.in.: buty Tamaris, Marco Tozzi, Rieker, s. Olivier, obuwie Clarks, a także doskonałe markowe buty polskich wytwórców: Conhpol, Kacper czy Nik. Są to modele wykonane z najlepszych gatunków skóry, cenione za doskonałe połączenie wysokiej jakości oraz rozsądnej ceny. Na podkreślenie zasługują również innowacyjne rozwiązania zastosowane w tych markowych butach: systemy active air, antishokk, antistress i wiele innych.

W naszym sklepie internetowym z butami proponujemy produkty na wszystkie pory roku, w wielu rozmiarach. Umożliwiamy również składanie indywidualnych zamówień.


Overall Progression Summary

Hello everyone!

Since Leaderboards are comming soon I`ve decided to put my current progression summary here. So since I`ve started to play I accumulated 2,635 Achievements Points.
I think It’s not bad for 2 months of playing GW as totally newb, and not being hardcore cuz of my life activities.


I`ve decided to put my summary right here, because from now I won`t be able to play GuildWars untill 1st April, because I`ve got Martial Arts Trickign Gathering. So basiclly I use onyl my smartphone during this time.

I don`t really know how I get most of my points but I think during completing story mode, Slayer and Explorer Achievements, and Dailies of course, because I tryin to do them everyday. I think I missed just one or two during this 2 months. I also started completing my Slayer Achievements during last days and finished Centaur, Flame Legion, Zaithan’s Bane, Bandit so far (in last 3 days). I don`t really remember what`s my status on other ones and I don`t care since I get 1,000/1,000.
I also got 100% map completion but that was like 1 month ago. To be honest that was my first goal in the game, because I didnt really cared how fast I get 80. I just wanted to get 100% map completion then full zerker set. So far I bought 2 accesories for Laurels, and completed some Guild Missions to get comendations. But I`ll post some more after I`m back from gathering.

Good Luck, Have Fun and Have a Great Easter Weekend Guys!
(Yeah I know it`s not even Friday, but I got my weekend in 2 hours!)

Flame and Frost: The Razing Update

March 26, 2013

In Flame and Frost: The Razing you’ll meet the norn Braham and Rox the charr, two Tyrians who fervently believe in doing what’s right, no matter the risk. Join Braham and Rox in a desperate battle to defend their homelands from annihilation in the third installment in this four-part series!

More Important updates:

New Living Story (with instanced missions)
– New WvW Progressions and Abilities
– Improved World vs. World Performance
– New Guild Bounty Hunt Targets
– Leaderboards
Fused Weapons

More info about Fused weapons with preview links and gallery , can be found here

In my opinion the Leaderboards are the best part of update for now. Because it may help GW2 becoming more challenging and people will enjoy PvP more for sure. It`s also a first little step to e-sport.
As we can see on the website  the leaderboards website won’t be visible to players until we’re sure it has stable information, which could take up to a week after the release goes live. they will feature WvW rankings, PvP player rankings, and total achievement points. So it`s also can be usefull for PvE players.

If you`re confused with the new update, you can find a detailed guide here.

Full March 26th Patch Notes.



Hello peeps!

I`ve just started this blog to share some thought about patches and game with you. I`ll also try to update it daily with my Personal Progression stories. Like Achievements, progress on getting legendary and stuff.

Currently I`m focusing on PvE aspect, but probably will switch to PvP in couple of months. Still waiting for WvW and PvP updates and want to get as much as I can from PvE. I mean PvE, PvP, WvW sets and moneymaking. If You want to know a little bit about me just navigate here. I really love Jumping Puzzle and new Guild Missions so probably gonna post updates about that.

Later I`ll try to post some guides or at least link to guides for a new content, because dulfy.net is always up to date with new content. Feel free to add me in game so We can play together, because I still need to level up two of my alts to get Order Banners. Yeah… I`m an achievement addict. I really want them all.

Since it`s 1 A.M. now and I got work tommorow, ohh, I mean today I`ll just post this short introduction for now and catch up with you later.