Hello peeps!

I`ve just started this blog to share some thought about patches and game with you. I`ll also try to update it daily with my Personal Progression stories. Like Achievements, progress on getting legendary and stuff.

Currently I`m focusing on PvE aspect, but probably will switch to PvP in couple of months. Still waiting for WvW and PvP updates and want to get as much as I can from PvE. I mean PvE, PvP, WvW sets and moneymaking. If You want to know a little bit about me just navigate here. I really love Jumping Puzzle and new Guild Missions so probably gonna post updates about that.

Later I`ll try to post some guides or at least link to guides for a new content, because is always up to date with new content. Feel free to add me in game so We can play together, because I still need to level up two of my alts to get Order Banners. Yeah… I`m an achievement addict. I really want them all.

Since it`s 1 A.M. now and I got work tommorow, ohh, I mean today I`ll just post this short introduction for now and catch up with you later.



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