Overall Progression Summary

Hello everyone!

Since Leaderboards are comming soon I`ve decided to put my current progression summary here. So since I`ve started to play I accumulated 2,635 Achievements Points.
I think It’s not bad for 2 months of playing GW as totally newb, and not being hardcore cuz of my life activities.


I`ve decided to put my summary right here, because from now I won`t be able to play GuildWars untill 1st April, because I`ve got Martial Arts Trickign Gathering. So basiclly I use onyl my smartphone during this time.

I don`t really know how I get most of my points but I think during completing story mode, Slayer and Explorer Achievements, and Dailies of course, because I tryin to do them everyday. I think I missed just one or two during this 2 months. I also started completing my Slayer Achievements during last days and finished Centaur, Flame Legion, Zaithan’s Bane, Bandit so far (in last 3 days). I don`t really remember what`s my status on other ones and I don`t care since I get 1,000/1,000.
I also got 100% map completion but that was like 1 month ago. To be honest that was my first goal in the game, because I didnt really cared how fast I get 80. I just wanted to get 100% map completion then full zerker set. So far I bought 2 accesories for Laurels, and completed some Guild Missions to get comendations. But I`ll post some more after I`m back from gathering.

Good Luck, Have Fun and Have a Great Easter Weekend Guys!
(Yeah I know it`s not even Friday, but I got my weekend in 2 hours!)


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