About Me

I`m 24 years old webdesigner from Poland  playing GuildWars 2 since January 2013.
I`m not a hardcore player, but also not a casual. Tryin’ to play GW as much as I can  but that depends on my daily activities. Work hobby and stuff. You can find me on raptr.com and Enjin (my guild community). We play on European server – Piken Square, but sometimes guesting on Gandara. I also practice Martial Arts Tricking for 5 years now and enjoying my life.


If you want to play with me feel free to add: Insane.7312

I also got Twitch.tv channel but I`m not really using it because my hardware can`t stream HD, but probably I`m gonna start using it more often soon when get new PC. If You want to help me stream please DONATE


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